You're the 1, Goldilocks

These is a piece of cardboard that was used as a tray for a cake, colored and bears the name Goldilocks, empty as it may seem but the sweet name entitles to a never emptying tray of sweet memories! Because every time I look at it, its like gazing into a mirror where the reflections are the sweet mem'ries with Goldilocks!

It was mid of May 2008 when my mother went to Manila to renew his credentials for her monthly pension. That month my younger sister is going to celebrate her 12th birthday, but sad to say, since mom was not home her birthday was celebrated over the phone call of greetings and li'l foods and drinks that we could avail. Nevertheless she never knew that I was saving money for her birthday cake and not just a ordinary cake. She was always wanting for this Goldilocks cake every time she saw it on TV.

It was just a taste of thoughtfulness were the cake is always outnumbered, that was then followed by another birthday the next month after, and another.... And every time Goldilocks cakes is on the table it makes me think and say "You're the 1 Goldilocks, because you fill in never ending memories ".

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