The Bloom of the Catfish

It was June 26 in the morning when I woke late for my driver's license application. I found Mayor working at kitchen something not usual with the daily house activities. I found out that it was Pogs 18th birthday and she was cooking bihon.

I gave an extra budget for a kilo of pansit so as to cook bam-i instead. After a while on my way To the LTO Mayor contacted me to by a G-cake as by request of Pvt. Hearty to paid by payday.

It was a fun idea because I was already thinking about a cake that can make the day a li'l more fun with a small cake! I went to the cake shop after finishing my licensure and bought a medium sized cake with floral design! Wahahahaha....A floral cake for my younger brother! ^_^

Since it was Pogs birthday the cake is only for teenagers as Sharing's birthday cake that was only for the kids!

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