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Green Thumb

Sunday, March 12, 2017

"Instead of sowing hatred among men. Why not sow seeds of hope on barren land, nurture it with fertile advocacy. And rip love from humanity" -HellJr-

Happiness Redefined

Thursday, February 18, 2016

Happiness is an Illusion, a Distraction to your Mission

Real Money Trading with Online Games

Saturday, August 22, 2015

These are the list of my Referrals for my Online Games that has real money trading (RMT). Most of these games are browser based....

1. Marketglory play like sim city in browser
earnings are in euros

2. Pips Tycoon Trading forex  like game.
Sign up here
Earnings are in Dollars

3. Golden towns play like medieval COC build buildings and army and upgrade.
earnings are in euros
click sign up lower left of the homepage of the game

4. Anno 1777
Sign up here

earnings are in euros

If you have questions about the games. you may live your comments on the comment box... :)

Destiny is Slavery

Wednesday, August 5, 2015

Always lead your life. Destiny is only for the slaves who are afraid to take control of their lives. -HellJr-

Knock! Knock!

Thursday, July 30, 2015

For every opportunity, there are hindrance. Not one, not two, no not even 3. Obstacles are unaccountable when it comes to an opportunity knocking on your door willing to give all it can give.
The question is, will you open the door to let her in?

Entry Point

Tuesday, July 28, 2015

Entrepreneurship, is not just reading about entrepreneur. It must be worked out. It must begin with action!

If you want to practice what you have learned from school, from the books and articles in the internet. You have to find the easiest way to start and progress thereafter you have developed your skills and confidence.

I would like to recommend to you to start with a network marketing. Sounds ridiculous right?

Let me get to that straight in your eyeballs!


You, an aspiring millionaire, a beginner, a neophyte, a recruit in the vast realm of competition. You are like this itsy bitsy tiny little fish in a blood red sea of business competition, money game and constant tug of war between inflation and deflation. Political turmoil and currency up shift and down shift. And not to mention the impact of your own faith with regards to handling money.

So, why network marketing?

Imagine, you can start your own business, at home, no need for office, no need for procuring legal papers, no need to waste your time and additional resources to put the business working on the first day! The moment you signed-up, you are in. Operations starts automatically.

So easy, right?


Network marketing, is just like other business, it starts at rest. Like the first law of motion, the law of Inertia. But once it gains momentum, there is nobody that can stop you, except mother nature and tons of wrong decisions and expenditures .

But as you can see, the big differences between starting your own localized small scale business is much difficult compared to attaching yourself with a pre-established system of a company.

Now ask yourself again,

Imagine yourself as this tiny itsy bitsy little fish who wants to conquer the ocean.

When are you going to start?