Balangiga Bells

The Balangiga Bells, something unknown to me and something I cannot remember thought in school during my elementary or to my highschool days, or probably I was absent or inattentive during those days or have no interest in history at all.

To a commoner, these bells are nothing more but a piece of metal. For an artisan, it is an art crafted with passion and dedication. For a Archaeologist, it is a relic. For warmongers these are trophies. For the locals, these are symbols  of National Pride!

At the moment these bells, reminds of the brutality of war, the carnage, the bloodshed and the death! But if returned it will remind us that there is nothing good in war, only death and destruction! It will remind us of humility! It will remind us of forgiveness! It will remind us to hold on to peace and to keep and preserve peace!

As the pages of the Duterte Administration unfolds, there is more to him that meets the ears!

EJK is Real

It is a fact that there is an existing Extrajudicial Killing! It is a fact that there are Human Rights Violation! It is a fact that there are collateral damage to property, livelihood and life!

But it is also a fact that there are corrupt servicemen! From politicians to the police and to the military! Sponsored fronts by corrupt corporations and political organizations! That these scumbags are more than ready and willing to do what it takes to protect and keep their criminal operations! Not to mention those that are outside the government system, the druglords, cartels, the x-men (former people), and the likes of existing criminal minds hiding in plane sight!

Before we start pointing fingers, let us gather more facts and data, statistics and information about the things that we have no reach! Let us not only ask questions about the things that we do not know, but also the things that we know.

The change has come, and instills fear to the corrupt and the criminals! That instills discipline to the common and to the nation in general! Let this change be powered by the support of the people for the people!

Mabuhay ang Pilipinas! More power to the People behind the curtain and to the leader that makes all these change possible!

Job well done Tatay Digong!