My Sister's Birthday

It was May 22 when I decided to take my younger sister out as a treat for her birthday last May 21. I didn’t have enough money to spend for her birthday that I decided to keep it secret and as a sort of surprise.

It was by May 27 when I made such plan realize, but a li’l out of the real plan. Some of my invited friends were unable to come that I decided to held the late celebration at home. I went downtown to buy some popcorn and a special single tray chocolate birthday cake, went to the bakery near our house to ask for a reservation of hot bread ready by four in the afternoon and also went to nearest store at home for softdrinks.

It was already three thirty in the afternoon when I got home with the cake and popcorn and called my sister to call her friends for them to share and enjoy her birthday cake! The cake was close to shortage since it was a special one! But every kid enjoyed the cake and popcorn and called for the older kids for their turn but not with the cake. Their turn was for the fresh cooked bread paired with softdrinks!

Everybody enjoyed the snack that I planned for my sister's belated happy birthday. My sister enjoyed that day for having a special cake for her birthday! Something I never experienced in any of my birthdays! But at least I made it realize for my sister, just like a wish come true when I was still a kid who longed for a colorful cake for my birthday!

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