The reckless bombing in Cotabato City yesterday was a work of malcontent individuals that resulted to the deaths of few civilians. The Desperate act of rebellion that started since the Last Attack on Civilians done by Ombra Kato, due to the denial of the MOA - AD. It resulted to chain reaction of countless of attacks to the Democratic Government of the Philippines and her people. They have been very vengeful and selfish after the denial. They have been very desperate that they took their rebellion into the city and putting civilian lives at stake. It has been their way to force what they want, they have been neglecting what is the right path and keep on insisting what they foresee is the right one!

Bomb threats have been echoing Cotabato city and its neighboring cities since the Marcos Regime to the early 80's and brought down to minimal of about two decades. It is one of the reason that the city's progress and development is slow and is being left behind by its rival cities.

I am not against the will to fight for ones rights, but the violent method that is so radical is already irrelevant in the democratic era. Democracy gives a handful of option to fight for our rights! If they can fund armaments for their campaigns, they can fund one hell of a peaceful petition for their claims. This is no longer a question of who has the right and patriotism, but a question of Nationalism and morality.

I am not a pro-government, I just love peace and development. Who wants to live a life full of anger and deaths anyway? What Kind of Ideology do they have anyway, that they find Joy in the pain of the innocent and pleasure in their deaths! What do they really want? Publicity? Well they have one, and even the attention of the Pope! Sounds more famous and Popular than MJ's death! An international replica of art of violence, where the color of blood is the motif!

"A Soldier Fights not Because He Hates the Enemy in Front of Him, But Because He Loves Those People Behind Him"

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marichu said...

Really a sad truth in our country today especially in Mindanao.

But I'm still very much hopeful that this will soon end, that the fight for rights will be placed in the proper perspective.

Great post!!!