Nationalist, Idealist or Selfish Act

Ancestral Domain

Ancestral - Pertaining to ancestors.

Domain - The territory governed by a single ruler or government.

MOA on AD - It was an issue that is still considered unresolved! It was the time when a Memorandum of Agreement on Ancestral Domain was approved under the consent of the few! This issue is a bit out of pace, as we all know that the talk of the town is the reigning sex scandal videos of Hayden Kho!

When the majority denied the acceptance of the MOA, rage field the air. Step by step gunshots echoed and the cries of innocent civilians were as disturbing as a train that passes beside your bedroom! They paid the price of such reckless act of greed and tyranny! But then again, These needless and unnecessary deaths were still not recompensed! It was only a speck of the tragedy, because as of now the criminals are still at large. Moreover the outrageous act of rage that lead to deaths of the civillians due to the denied territorial claims is still ongoing, and both sides are of short supplies of body bags!

Soldiers of the government fought by principles under the chain of command, under the oat to protect the national constitution of the Republic of the Philippines as well as her constituents!

On the other side, they fought with principles under the book as they claimed, claims that are still unclear to me!

"Ang Mindanao ay para sa taga Mindanao" (Mindanao is for those who live in Mindanao), "Ang Mindanao ay para sa Bangsamoro" (Mindanao is for Bangsamoro). Many innocent people have been lured out of this lines! Quite fascinating and a martyr principle with demanding ordeal like The Code of Hammurabi! Nevertheless Mindanao is no longer monopolized neither by one tribe or religion, nor divided by such distinction because on top of it we belong under one flagship with one cultural heritage!

There is no question regarding the claim for Ancestral Domain it is only fitting to claim and practice for their rights! Nevertheless, the fight for this right has gone wrong and turned to a outrageously bloody war!

Now let us make a broader point of view regarding such aspect of Ancestral Domain, let us make it more NATIONALISTIC! Let us put it this way - "Ang Pilipinas ay para sa mga Pilipino" (Philippines is for the Filipino People). Now don't you find it more comfortable and willful to practice democracy instead of democrazy! Side by side you and me! Side by side all of us! Side by side as a fellow Filipino!


marichu said...

Very well articulated idea.It's a very good eye opener.Sana lahat ng tao especially FILIPINOS can read your blog.
Kudos!!!Excellent message. Mabuhay ka!!!

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