My First Sony Experience is with my Sony Walkman

The First time I encountered blogging, I knew I would need a camera. But Since I was a small time newbie, I bought a cheap mp4 player with camera that has only two megapixel of resolution and a one gigabyte of data capacity. The worst part I can't take pictures at night or at low light spots!

I was craving to have my own very good digital camera when I saw one of my friend’s Sony Cyber-shot camera, with only five megapixel of resolution but with far more superior outputs compared to my low end digital camera.

Her camera reminded me of my first precious Sony Walkman that turned me to be an avid fan of Sony electronic gadgets. It was in my high school days when I first encountered Sony, it was when my classmate brought with him his Sony Walkman. I was a great fan of music until now, because frankly speaking I have the worst singing talent especially with microphone turned on. When I first saw this gadget I had this dream born in me like a seed of light of hope that someday I will have my own Sony Walkman, in spite of the fact that I can barely afford my daily break time snack!

Half a decade passed me by like a glance from the future. I was at first year college then and was a DOST scholar with a hefty of cash from monthly allowances. The dream to have my own Sony Walkman is coming to a reality, saving some of my monthly allowances from the government and staying thrifty at school, at home (boarding house) just to get my first gadget that is a bit luxury for me that time. after six months of battling from those temptation of fastfood and shopping! I finally bought my first Sony Walkman that features: autoreverse, stereo recording, mega bass, avls, ams and dolby b nr. It was a lightweight and compact walkman compared to the first walkman I saw 5 years ago, because that time Surface Mount Technology is paving its way for the miniaturization of electronic gadgets.

I was overwhelmed with the development of electronic gadgets at Sony that I Recently bought the Sony Cyber-shot DSC-S730, And I even made a blog of my first shots with this camera and my most recent memorable shots with Sony at Lake Agko

It definitely gave significance in my life just like the Sony's World's First Slimmest Camera with Optical Image Stabilizer: Cyber-Shot T77

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