Trip to Lake Agko - "Drop the Stress"

The Short Vacation Trip was fun and expenseless. Because almost everything was paid by Kutomora. I can't say much about the trip because the pictures will eat up the space, so I'll let the pictures do the talking! ^__^

The Author

The Sponsors

The Crew

The Godfathers
L to R: Bonbon"Cook",Lando"Chief Cook",Aerrox"Messenger",Bonbon "Asstnt Cook-1",Julius "Asstnt Cook-2

The People, The Atmosphere and the Enigmatic Landscapes!

Reminders to all the cast of the Trip to the lake look for your other photos at my friendster account ^-^

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r-yo said...

great pics! i really look forward to visiting places like this come december. btw, i just linked you. check my "new finds" list.