Undying Death!

Last October 25, we celebrated the death anniversary of 2Lt. Villanueva. He was once a common soldier during the Marcos regime unto the time of President Ramos. Early 90's he paved way unto the climax of his career, the promotion from Staff Sergeant to Master Sergeant was a piece of cake. But not all soldiers who knew how fast his promotions was, knew the fact how he manage to attain such position in a very short period of time!

Eight years has past and I can still remember how happy that soldier was upon accomplishing his missions to give way for a peaceful resolution of the war that was fought for decades! Planning for a retirement, he was offered to pursue a Sergeant Major course, off the frontline and off the warzone because most roles of a Sergeant Major deals with papers, press and public relations! The plan for retirement was a bit disturbed - not because of the position but because of the reason why he was chosen and offered for the next level of service!

Everytime I get to see soldiers in their uniform, I always find myself remeniscing the day my father use to ask me to clean his combat shoes. Everytime I hear a news about battle casualties, I get to remember how the Lieutenant died on the hands of merciless adversaries! Everytime I hear cannons pounding the ground and explosions echoing on the air, I get to remember the corruption that taken the soldier's life and others.

The soldier left a mark in me and! Something that can never be forgotten.... Something that define death as living....

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