Human Rights Vs. It's Alright

It's more than seven years since my father's death.

No he didn't die because of sickness much more because of accident.

He died with pain incomparable; But he died as a hero.

Yes my father was a soldier! and he belong to a military sector where gathering of informations and linking rebels and the government is a primary concern. It even took many times of his time for us deviated to his duty, his service, his ought!

But my mother and siblings where use to it. Because he was in his service for more than 20 long years and the progress of his military is not unknown to many of his fellow soldiers, friends and foe; inside and out of his service.

But we were shaken one day when we heard the news regarding a negative response of their where abouts. Their commanders where speechless so we are! Only a question that continuously lingers into our mind is "where are they?".

The day before they were missing I had a chance to talk to him regarding my allowance at school. I didn't know that was a chance to say "thanks dad" or should I say "Goodbye dad".

Six days later a search and rescue operation report came to us. They where found dead and in state of decomposing two of his companions where found apart from him with signs of fatal hits and wounds.

The autopsy report stated that they suffered fatal and severe fractures on the head and wounds all over their bodies.

A full investigation was lunch with the current operatives. After a few months a report uncleared but classified was handed to us. "Treachery and Jealousy" was embedded in my thoughts.

The pain of deaths of our love ones does not rely because they are gone, but because how they died and why they died!

Press interviews and conference where made regarding the "Three Military Operatives Who Died During the Conflict Between the Rebels and the Government"

These words came in to my thoughts and still fresh and freshen by everyday news of deaths of true soldiers:

"If a soldier died on the hands of a rebel, It's alright; But if a rebel dies on the hand of a soldier, It's Human Rights!"

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