Fast Charge for 5 Pesos

Any form of handy gadgets are so handy especially when you are on the go, gadgets like your phone and camera that serves as your connection  people around the earth and to gather and receive information. But these technological gadgets are useless when they run out of juice. The usual safety nets are the bulky and heavy power banks. But what if backups failed and you stumbled upon these vendo type machines the gives electric energy for your 5 peso coin? These vendos are usually found on convenience stores, buses or ships and boats.

Surely every one would pay a coin or two to get a drop of juice to power their gadgets, but did you know most users complain that they are being robbed by these machines "I barely got a bar after 30 minutes". I haven't seen the insides of these machines but one of the reason probably is the low current chargers. Though these machines comes with different charging connectors to charge mostly any type of gadgets. The charging capacity might be below the requirements, these machines maybe using one charger for all those connectors. 

The secret to get most of your money on these machines, is to look for the one that comes with an AC line outlet and use your gadget's charger. This way you can be assured that you are putting enough current to your devices accordingly. You can even do a fast charge with these presumably life hack on the go on the boat or on the bus.

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