Balangiga Bells

The Balangiga Bells, something unknown to me and something I cannot remember thought in school during my elementary or to my highschool days, or probably I was absent or inattentive during those days or have no interest in history at all.

To a commoner, these bells are nothing more but a piece of metal. For an artisan, it is an art crafted with passion and dedication. For a Archaeologist, it is a relic. For warmongers these are trophies. For the locals, these are symbols  of National Pride!

At the moment these bells, reminds of the brutality of war, the carnage, the bloodshed and the death! But if returned it will remind us that there is nothing good in war, only death and destruction! It will remind us of humility! It will remind us of forgiveness! It will remind us to hold on to peace and to keep and preserve peace!

As the pages of the Duterte Administration unfolds, there is more to him that meets the ears!

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