I am currently more interested in making and developing projects, a type of research and development thing. But my other half, other than her profession is an active tourist, she has the luxury to spend a vacation at least once a year locally and a few sponsored out of the country vacation.

Though travelling for vacation is not of importance to me now, I love visiting new places for new experiences and the most to unwind. My wife decided to have a family vacation as a gift for her father who is turning 60, to mark and celebrate his Senior Citizenship.

And the destination? Is the birthplace of my in-laws, The Island of Bohol! It was raining with cats and dogs when we arrive at the port. It was dawn and we could barely see the shore. We had a few hours of sleep, a few bites for breakfast and a coffee before heading to tourist spots.

The first stop was the Snakes and the Butterflies.

This stop will be nice for kids, they will find it amazing how butterflies grow from egg to wingers. Though I must admit I have learned a few points here that were never thought in school. Like the difference of moth and butterflies. Those yellow pythons are not locally brought, they've been bought abroad as the owner of the place loves exotic pets. The place is like a mini-zoo, other than the butterfly sanctuary and the pythons they also have monkeys and peacocks.

By the time we finished with the pythons and butterflies, the sun was likely ready to show his face. So our tour guide suggested that we head to the famous hills, after all it is the center of attraction and most likely we won't have the chance to see its magnificent beauty when the rain is ruining the camera lenses.

The two hundred and twenty step stairway to the hill took its toll for people who rarely climbs and most specially to the seniors. I am not sure if it was really two and twenty steps, it felt more than that. But once you overcome the steep stair, you'll have the chance to savor the moment with fresh air and spectacular wonder of nature!

To be continued....

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