Bohol Part 2

On our way to the next spot we spend a few minutes in a man made forest to enjoy fresh air and fresh green views of local hard wood forest. It was said that this man made forest was developed by the Boy Scout of the Philippines during the early days of Bohol as a province. There was only a handful of seedlings but after a few generation of care and protection, the trees gave birth to thousands of more life sustaining trees for the locals and the Philippines as a whole.

A glance of this relaxing creation would last a lifetime reminder that we should protect our only home - EARTH. 

Next in the list of the tour was the endangered specie of Tarsier, a rat like monkey with eyes of owl and bat like ears with hands and feet of a frog. That sounds like a genetic engineering to me, a spliced genetic codes to form a creature with five distinct characteristics.

Though look cute and cuddly, this little guys are sensitive to stress. They are suicidal type of creature when subject to non-natural exposure, things  that are out of their habitat like: flash of the camera, touch, noise and temperature. Their suicidal behavior is one of the reason it is rarely seen in captivity outside their natural habitat. According to our guide, a decade ago almost all residence of Bohol owns a tarsier or two. But soon people realize that no one can successfully raise or breed the poor fellow. Then the government and some experts intervened when it was labelled extinct, to protect and preserve this insect munching predator of Bohol forest.

If you want to see a tarsier for real, you got to come to Bohol. But keep in mind of the does and don'ts about the animal. Some of the local and foreign tourist are so stubborn and don't understand the word do not and suicide, I'm not sure if its language barrier or pure ignorance in awe!

To be continued....

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