Puppy Love

Back in the days of early childhood, when the hormone of opposite-sex attraction starts to kick in. Those were the days my friends that are so much important to us, that all that matters are the feelings. We have no troubles of the world around us that might give.

I accidentally stumbled this letter at my office. Someone must have been in a hurry and left his dear love letter.


Dear Mcmc

     Did you know that you are my crush, I hope that I am also your crush. Someday it will be you and Amanda, it's ok not just Bea. Did you know I got butterflies in my stomach everytime we are together.

Someone who got a crush on you,

It's funny to think nowadays reminiscing the childhood days. Things that  hurt us and made us cry during those days, now makes us laugh. Not to mention laughing my way out of the translation lines.

Kids nowadays! :)

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