My 5 Smartphone Charging Tips

Every Smartphone have a battery, and taking care of your battery is one of your responsibility that you must not ignore if you don't want to spend more on your phone after buying an expensive model.

My Personal Battery Healthy Tips: 
  1. Do not Charge your phone at 100% 
  2. Do not Overcharge your phone. I recommend a 98%-99% battery is fine.
  3. Do not Over discharge. I recommend charging when the battery indicator is at 1 bar or 5%-10%.

    ( * ) Phones have a built in electronics that monitors battery's health, but every electronic parts have a plus and minus (+/-) tolerances. Unless your phone's charging and battery safety modules have a NASA specification do not follow or overdo, underdone recommendations on your phone's manual. If it says maximum is 100 make it 99, if it says minimum is 1 make it 2.
  4. Do not Charge your phone at a place where the temperature is high. As much as possible charge your phone on a ducking station or on a well ventilated area. Charging heats up your battery and when the surrounding environment is hot, it will affect your battery's health negatively. When in a place where charging is a necessity while the thermometer is high, do not charge your phone on top of heat insulators example: Foam, wood, glass if not possible charge your phone face down to allow ventilation of battery.
  5. Always use Chargers that came with your phone. If you lost it, buy one from your phone's authorized retailer. Do not use generic chargers ( * ), unless you have knowledge in electronics and have the necessary tools to check chargers actual technical specifications you can weigh on the risk.

Lastly I want to recommend a charging cable that will not only prolong the life of your phones charging port, but will also save you money and from hassles in the long run. The  Magneto magnetic Cable  from widget city.

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