Military Trucks and Engineering Vehicles

Today will be the first day of my "The Return" in some serious writing, hopefully. And for my first affiliate post would be about military trucks and military engineering vehicles. Personally I have no deep interest with these equipment, but since I spent my childhood near a military-base, military assets were so amazing for me. The tanks, the trucks, the guns and cannons!

During those days, the military were so active with development and rehabilitation of our area, as kids we spent hours just watching military bulldozers and dump trucks howling and digging dirt to build new roads and facilities like hospitals and bridges. It was just a simple and non-extraordinary event from they to day basis, but those were the times were we get so excited to watch. Just like next pictures in big screens.

And the most exciting part of that childhood experience! When engineers get to rest and leave a stockpile of dirt. We spent countless hours running and jumping around the dirt. It was a playground like no other.

Theme Parks? Stockpile of dirt was way cooler than that :) !

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