Home Made Roofing Patch

My post for today will answer one of household problem during this rainy season. The solution that will be presented might not be applicable to some roofing but can be improvised to address same issue, patching a hole or leaking roof.

Everything will be straightforward and quite easy.


A Scissor strong enough to cut PET bottles.
A Cutter or exacto knife.
A caulking gun (Optional, only needed if you use a caulk type of adhesive or sealant)


Adhesive Sealant or Elastomeric Sealant, a weather proof and water proof specification is the best.
A PET Bottle 

For the instruction. First Cut the parts of the PET bottle that we don't need. The neck and the bottom. 

Then cut the body  in pieces that conforms your roof. Mine resulted in four pieces of patch.
For the next step, Place sealant in the middle of plastic patch thick enough to co make the patch stick to the roof or thick enough that it scatters all over the patch when pressed on the roof.

That's it, apply to your roof that needs patching and your done.

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