An Atheist Creed

I am not a RELIGIOUS man, but I would gladly accept KINDNESS as my faith.

It has no god, yet it is ANYWHERE.
It has no BOUNDARIES yet it does not DOMINATE.
It has no PRAYERS yet it is full of HOPE.
It has no church yet it is full of DOORS.
It has no ALTAR, yet it is full of SACRIFICE.
It has no TRADITION yet it is full of LEGACY.
It has a lot of HISTORY, yet no known BRUTALITY.
It has no BOOK full of words, yet everyone UNDERSTANDS.
It has no PROPHET, because everyone is.
MIRACLES exists, the moment it touches.

When all seems LOST, DIVIDED and darkened by DECEIT and oppression. Kindness healed the earth without a bloodshed.

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