You were born unintentionally. You are a product of random choices by every living things that walked on the face of all aridity. A product of random reactions by nature's will.

Your existence is like an immeasurable speck, an accident but of vague importance to the overall evolution around you. Though you and everything around you is insignificant on the bigger picture of change. You have your chance to know and define what life is.

You have the power to define your future, for destiny is a blank page where you are the author and a god with a pen of limitless ink. Your future will be the sum of all your actions, be it small or big!

You shall live and die, but you shall define your own life's climax by the extraordinary things that you are capable to, extraordinary things that are unique from the other and without any boundary!

Now, Live not because you have to, but because you have the chance to!


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