My Philosophical Side

To Keep My Collection of Thoughts from piling up, I decided to make a post solely for this collection. Enjoy reading and pondering. May you find this page worth reading and precious.

FOUR WALLS OF HAPPINESS: Abundance, Peace, Love, Health
- Charles Haanel -

The Human Body is Just a Disguise of the True Life Form from Within.
- HellJr

To Achieve Peace and Justice. Someone, Somewhere should be at Constant War Against the Root of Evil.
- HellJr

Religion is just another form of business.
- HellJr

Sometimes the Simplest Wedding has the Grandest Intention!
- HellJr

It is not only the fingers that can wear a ring, but so as your heart.
- Jocell

Something More Expensive than a Martyrdom Love? Freedom....Priceless!
- HellJr

One of the greatest question that lingers inside of me: How can I Use the Other 80% of my Brain?
- HellJr

"If a man cannot decide for himself, to which path to goodness he would choose. Then he is just a dummy created to patch broken fidelity and without freedom!"

It is Dangerous to be Right, When the Government is Wrong (Picdump)

No Man Can Escape His Own Story

Not All those Who Can See the Visible can Make the Impossible, Possible!

Sleep is a Waste of Time, Sadly it Is Necessary.
-Rob Pagliuso

We are GODS of our FATE! Not Merely SLAVES!

You Can Evolve with Your Surrounding
-Sabotage 138

We live alone we die alone. Everything is Just an Illusion
-Art of Getting By 2011

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