CDO - Fine Dining

Eating is a man's basic need, but when eating takes you to a level where it turns out to be a pleasurable experience, that is fine dining at an affordable price! I have heard a fine dining that reach as much as 2 million pesos price tag, that is good for 2 persons only! But fine dining can be as much pleasurable as it is for only 1,500 pesos. You can have the taste of a state side beef stake paired with a state side beer that would put your taste buds jumping and guessing to what it really taste like!

One of the most interesting part with fine dining are the names of the drinks and foods. And you can try one at Gerry's Grill at Robinsons or at Sentro. Me and my wife where even got ourselves conscious to what these drinks and foods really taste like. But since there is no more room for one more bite of a dish, we just then put it on the list for the next fine dining experience!

Special Thanks to my Wife, Sponsors and the Chefs and his Crews. ^_^


Anonymous said...

thanx sa sponsor adtong fine dining.:) hopefully we'll try those dishes & drinks next tym.. where's d pics?

Aerrox said...

tomorrow I'll add the pics ^^