4 Days Off

I had a good time last week at Cagayan de Oro City with my wife. Not only because the place was nice, but because I had the chance to enjoy the company of my beautiful wife during those times. We enjoyed Cowboys versus Aliens in a Big Screen cinema at LimKetKai. Got a visit to her family and tasted her own recipe of scrambled eggs paired with corned beef and steamed rice.

And I also had the chance to visit a friend's bikeshop where I was able to take a little bike check on his bikes. Bought a gloves for my brother, took a peep on his available parts for sale and for lay away. And I was interested on his fox helmets, they look tough and pretyy awesome simple designs. I'll just need a few helmet reviews with cantaloupe test for a two thumbs up approval on the field!

Other than food trip and shopping, my wife helped me accomplish one of my objectives on my wishlist. The Pentax WG-1 camera, its a gadget pinned on my wishlist board because of its adventure proof features that I could use during our trail rides around the village where water and dirt is the main adversary!

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Anonymous said...

i had a great time too lavs. Thank you. you forgot to mention the sweet coffee..hehehe...