Financial Education

It was a bit awkward to hear fresh graduate citizens who brag too much although unnoticed. They seem so proud of themselves after completing their desired course in college. After all they really should be proud of it. Completing 15 years or more of educational dilemma from financial to psychological breakdown! It is really something you can be proud of. And I am not exempted! But that was 10 years ago when life seems so carefree!

But what really matters after those long years, when much of your social life and some opportunity were being sacrificed and wasted in school! Not to mention the trauma you get everytime you received failing marks because you went to the internet cafe and spend your time on facebook or Dota instead of Googling for your research project!

But what is really with school anyway, that most people are still so attached to this primitive road to success? We all know that most of us really want to be successful in different fields! But mostly wants financial freedom, spending time with their family and friends while enjoying their profession without worrying any financial responsibilities!

Eventually each one of these fresh graduates will find out that while swimming this murky water of the real world, only the fittest will survive! Where they will learn that money isn't the most important thing in this world, but it affects all important things in this world!

That eventually these young people would realize that after graduation, they need to study another course outside the box - Financial Education! Literally it sounds a business course, but in reality it is your financial habits whether you are a spender, a saver or a investor!

Now without much further ado. Let's get busy and study our burning habits, because me too get failing marks on some of the quizzes on this subject!

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