Freedom - A Forgotten Bill of Life

I am Pro RH Bill, in the sense that.... The Philippine population is going out of control not because of lack of self control but because of ingnorance. The government have their own plans of reducing the rate of the Philippine population in the most humane and more effective way.

But on the other hand we the people don not know if their are any other more hidden plans or a expected effect in the long run. That depends on the leaders in the office.

I am Anti Rh Bill, in the sense that.... a large number of young Filipinos are already out their going berserk with uncontrolled emotions pertaining to sexual activities. And most of them believed that they did it for love while some, its just for pure pleasure!

To handle a countries morality, a kind and persuasive act by the religious people must be implemented. Take note kind and persuasive! Because it is the responsibility of these religious people to show kindness even amidst a chaotic campaign for their cause.

But with their effort to hold the flag of moral values standing and waving, some of them tend to forget what it really means to be with the side of God.

But one thing is for sure, Neither Government nor Church is certain with their Cause and their targeted effect.

"If a man cannot decide for himself, to which path to goodness he would choose. Then he is just a dummy created to patch broken fidelity and without freedom!"

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