Church and Government on RHB

As the issue on uncontrollable Philippine population grows so as the issue on how to control it grows like a flame thread on a forum. An issue that is fueled by different principles, ideas, beliefs and even faith.

But the most striking issue amidst this burning issue of RH Bill, is the way the church handled the government proposition. I am not against the Government's way of controlling our ever growing population that affects our economic ability to handle every feeding Filipino and so as its effects on crimes. I am also not against the Church's chosen path for a healthier and Godly birth control.

But by all burning desires of each party to implement their proposed solution something is so annoying hear! The church seems to forget their true purpose, that they are meant to teach and preach about God and his will, but something is more disturbing from their acts. They are getting more personal and directly accusing some individuals just to push thru their desired solution. They tend to forget the ultimate gift of God to mankind - FREEDOM!

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