Tick tack tick tack.... the clock sounds as I give a command to my little sister assistant.

From here goes over there, a little further that's it hold it, to the left just a bit. And there that's it, that's perfect.... Weeew!

I didn't know that stretching measuring steel tapes for Flooring estimates is this a bit tedious and complex even thou the mathematics involve is as simple as "My Dear Aunt Sally". After the measuring errands, the next step is deciding for the right designs and brands of tiles to be used for my flooring, something that is cozy and stylish yet cheap without sacrificing the quality!

I'm going to surf the web for discounted materials for this Do it yourself project for my computer room flooring. And I'm going to call my friends who can be of help with the masonry and carpentry, something that is out of my line expertise. And I almost forgot, the tools needed for this artistic work of artistic engineers and carpenters: Hammer, shovels, bucket, gloves, spirit leveling tools and tile cutter....

And of course the favorite part of the party people, a delicious snack treats for tired but happy workers at the end of the day!

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