Checking Account

The other day I was brain storming with myself for a solution on how to pay bills with less the hassle and as much as possible risk free. And then I had a though of a friend who works in the bank and advice me about a checking account that gives you a sort of business checks that you can use to pay bills or any other more business transactions that needs payment. He emphasize the safety and flexibility of the said service that is very useful to me.

His suggestion made me think that it could help me with my current payment trend problem. It will eliminate the risk by carrying blank checks instead of cash, It will make the transaction time a little shorter by removing the time consumed in counting cash for payments. And overall that would be more efficient since I could just ask someone to pay the bills with a check valid only for the one whose name is in the check, and I could use the spare time to accomplish some other task at hand at the office or at home.

I think I am going to pay my friend a visit next few days and ask him more about the checking account and how much would it cost me to open my own account.

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