Sony Walkman NWZ - W252

The new Sony Walkman NWZ-W252 caught my interest when me and my friends saw it in the internet as it promise to deliver a sporty feature that are very important to me: The water proof, the shock proof ability of a product, and its mobility and versatility. But because I was so damn excited I overlooked some points to consider in purchasing the product.

I forgot to check its limitations and due to my stupid excited emotion, I forgot to check if it was shock proof! Sony made a good promotion with their product to be able to lure in consumers. Though the biggest part was my fault, I just suggest that they should be also good in showing or explaining its limitations to its customers, that is if if they have the balls to do so!

Furthermore I am still enjoying their product under the rain on a mountainbike with less the hassle of entangling wires around my neck and body (Sweet). And that I can recommend the rpoduct to my co-mountainbiking friends who enjoy mountainbiking plus music from mellow to semi-aggressive riding style. If you are into a more aggressive style, try for yourself the NU-Dolphin (I haven't tried this one) or the one from freestyleaudio (This one is really good, except for the wires between the earphones and the player).

And for the developers of this kind of products, ask my advice next time.... ^^

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