Accepted - 2006

It may be unknown to some movie franks, but Accepted is one of my favorite inspiring movie. It was launched in the year 2006 and is still tearing my heart apart to see and understand what the movies wants to deliver to its viewers.

This movie depicts the reality of our current educational system and how it must be twist to fit the current trend of of economic relation between employers and employees! Relations between schools and students! And how people with certain talent and skill are rejected because they are unfit on a system that is long overdue!

This movie depicts what Robert T. Kiyosaki the author of the book entitled "Rich Dad, Poor Dad" is trying to emphasize! Just like Dean Lewis said, "We throw a lot of fancy words to these kids in order to attract them to go to school, in a belief that they are going to have a better life. And we all know that what we are doing, is breeding a whole new generations of buyers and sellers...."

I am not saying that school education is not important, what I am trying to say is that school education is only a part of what is really important. We have to look around and learn from the changes that took place, that are taking place, and that is going to happen. It takes only a matter of seconds to send and receive information around the world, so as opportunity....

We are no longer in the Industrial Era.... We have come so far more advance and faster that only in a blink of an eye, you will miss a change. We must learn to predict,and make things happen. Because we can....

So heaven help me.... Because I am going to make a change on what others don't want to change! Because everyone deserves a chance! No matter how big or small!

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