abscbn....a Christmas Abbreviation

Tonight was probably my first and last Holy Eucharist attendance. But my attendance is not the issue here, but how tonight's celebrant made my rare attendance worth the while. Not just because it is really worth your while to go to church to worship God, but because the I have learned a lot from the celebrant.

And the most interesting and unforgettable part of the celebration was during his homily. He thought us of the things that men should be aware of and should be changed for the better.

A - Alak (Liqour)
B - Babae (Women)
S - Sugal (Gambling)

And of course women are not exempted!

C - Chismosa (Gossip)
B - Bungangera (Naggering)
N - Nagger(Generalized Nagger ^^)

To everyone Happy Christmas.

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