Rustic Bedroom

Last Halloween I had my vacation at my fiancee's place with her parents and her sister while we were talking about agriculture and stuffs about farming, it came to my mind about buying a piece of land to put up our own house where we can stay for our future vacations with our family and friends and relatives.

It would be very nice to setup a spacious bedroom where I can put my dream Light Emitting Diode TV with a set of relaxing rustic bedroom furniture. A setup of surround sound audio system from a Digital Video Disk Player and a very relaxing lighting effects of warm white and white lights. Wow! It would be like a home with a five star hotel accommodation.

But for me a house will never be complete without my laboratory where I can do my research and experiments about agriculture and energy, and tinkering my favorite mountainbike and motorcycle. And a very nice kitchen for my wife where all the good kitchen tools and appliances are in, where she can practice cooking of different types of food recipes from her favorite cookbook. A garden where we can plant our favorite flowers and vegetables for free vegetables.


Anonymous said...

wow.i also like the way you perceive the style of your house. you'll surely achieve it through hardwork,prayer & love for each other.You both know the secret...:)

Aerrox said...

what secret? ^^ is it what we know?