Grandfather Clocks

I was looking at the digital clock hanging at the front wall of Crywolf headquarters and I was thinking of a replacement so as to deliver a new look and impression at the place. I wonder how much does a howard miller grandfather clocks cost? A furniture type clock would fit the intended purpose. It would be a head turner and a interesting piece of art in the headquarters for wait listed customers.

But I also wonder if their is such a clock design such as the grandfather with a digital display, LOL.... But I guess it could be a future design for this clock, a combination of classic and hi-tech design. Just like fashion, a dual purpose piece of art, where people can enjoy a classical design and and read time fast at the same time.

It is rare to see such clock design on a modern house design this days. Most house designers or owners in our place are going for less bulky and fast readability clocks for their houses. But I'm not sure with other countries such as Europe, Canada and United States of America where people have different taste when it comes to real estate designs and the taste with classic art!

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