Back Blogging

Blog! Blog! Blog! and Blog! Grrrrrr! Wake up sleepy old me, damn I've been blogging for I guess three years and half. It was very full of energy right from the start, with a clear goal and mission. Now I don't know why I am getting cold for this leisure that gives extra money for my online shopping and fun stuff to read for my readers across the globe.

As far as I can remember it started after I was rejected from a high paying opportunity that requires a web host. And that time I can't find any web hosting sites that is free to join (^^) silly me, making cash online and yet rejects small payment from getting on track with a web host. Sigh.... I just can't afford to loose a single buck that time and I guess I was also very scared to sign up to any sites available online because of the wide array of scam sites online, and I don't want to fall a victim for the second time!

Think! Think! Think! And think!.... Alas! I'm going to buy a new water proof mp3 player, hmmm.... maybe it is a good inspiring thing to start with and get back on my blogging activity. And as far as I can notice I am back blogging for a few days since last week (^^). Ok guys inspire me....

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