8 Secrets of the Truly Rich - Chapter 19

8 Secrets of the Truly Rich

By: Bo Sanchez
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Have You Relied of God
Too Much?

Trust God, but tie your camel.
- Old Persian proverb

Many years ago, when I was still young and handsome (Now, I'm just handsome), I was giving a retreat to a bunch of college women.
While preparing for my talks in my bedroom, a regular-sized cockroach flew in and buzzed around the ceiling. I didn't know why I did this, but I found myself pointing my finger to it and commanded, "In Jesus' name, come down and die!"
In a second, I saw the insect hit an invisible wall and come crashing down on the floor, dead as a stone.
Suddenly , I felt powerful. I lifted my pointer finger to my lips and blew the imaginary smoke.
A few minutes later, I was preaching to an enthusiastic crowd of young female college students. Without warning, a bigger cockroach came into the seminar room - probably the grandfather of the critter I killed, seeking vengeance.
You can just imagine the dramatic effect this had on an all-women audience. They were busy ducking for shelter and hiding beneath desks. My talk was losing much of its appeal.
I remembered what I did in my room a few minutes ago, so I pointed my finger to the flying beast and ordered, "In Jesus' name, come down and die!"
And the same thing happened: The flyer nose-dived and splattered its entrails on the cement tiles in front of me.
Naturally, my audience was shocked. As if this was an everyday occurrence for me, I casually said, "As I was saying..."
After my talk, I went back to my bedroom. That was then I saw another cockroach climbing the bedroom wall. (Out of the kindness of my heart, I shall not divulge the name of this retreat house.) So with my two recent "power" encounters, I knew what to do. I pointed my finger to it and said, "In Jesus' name, come down and die!"
But this time, the crawler kept going.
Thinking perhaps it didn't have his antennas up, I repeated my command in a louder voice. But the cockroach didn't show any signs of obeying me.
Suddenly, a clear inspiration from God entered my mind. He said, "Kunin mo yung tsinelas mo at patayin mo! Tamad! (Get your slippers and kill it, lazy guy!) And then I heard God laugh. And I ended up laughing on the floor too.
But I have a serious message in my story.
I believe that one of the biggest reasons why we don't receive God's blessings is because we rely on Him too much. We surrender to Him what He doesn't want us to surrender: our stewardship.

Have you relied on God too much?

Truly Rich Principle:
Don't Expect God to do teh very things He expects you to do.

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