Money Game

Owning and managing business establishments are tedious task at hand especially if you are a newbie to the world of business. Putting up a lot of business are my goals not only that I can help others to land a job but also it is my key to financial freedom.

A part of it I also find the feeling of giving away business cards fun and interesting. With handful of business cards available for sale, I want to craft business cards myself for my business trips or meetings.

Being into business is like being into a kind of game, the money game. A lot of people love this game, but only few knew how this game really works. This game can't even be played by professionals that took business courses in college if their understanding with money is stuck from the business mentality taken from the schools they came from.

Reading a few business books authored by some of infamous writers that are now financially free gave me some points about the money game. Although I still find it hard to apply what I have learned from these few people. Eventually I will have the confidence to go on and conquer my goals, of course with the help of my few friends.

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