10 - Ager

Ten Characteristics of a Ten - Ager

1. Feeling Always Young and Very Wild
2. Inexperienced ( Sex- is Optional)
3. Dependent
Trying hard to be independent yet ends up depending on someone or something)
Always asking for free stuff
4. Insecure and Immature
Insecure - Wants to be always popular
Immature - Have no ability for decision making and ability to accept responsibility
5. Always in Love and see sex and love as one.
6. Member of any Organization
Purpose: Party
Escape from real world
Cover up other purposes
7. Extravagant
One Day Billionaire next day no where
8. Faith
God - No Question
Spirituality - Questionable
9. Always look for someone to blame when trouble arises
10. Heroism
Trying to be a hero or someone best to anyone most especially when it comes to opposite sex attraction.

Of course these is my own list, let me read yours.

Under Editorial....

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