Out of Two Bottles

I write to express, and not to impress.
I give a advice, that you might be wise,
Words to ponder, that you may not wander.
Why this world of heroism, is full of cynicism

It is up to you to believe, what you can perceive.
Or you can deny, what you can't rely.
Words from my thought, that you might bought.
Or words from my heart, because I was hurt.

From letters to strong words, a pen mightier than swords.
A stolen book of freedom, a long highway of boredom.
A flashed back of memory, a remembered agony
A centennial struggle, A journey to medieval

A future foreseen, A history overseen.
In spite of premonitions, are failure solutions.
In spite of corruptions, are heroes and champions.
A forgotten prophecy, a fight for democracy!


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