8 Secrets of the Truly Rich - Chapter 18

8 Secrets of the Truly Rich

By: Bo Sanchez
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Do you Practice the
"I Hate Myself" Spirituality?

Love your neighbor as you love yourself.
- Matthew 22:39

Some strains of religion encourage self-hatred.
In some religious circles, if you don't like yourself, you're considered a saint.
That's a lot of chicken poop but a lot of people believe it.
If someone says, "Oh, woe is me. I'm the most rotten, most miserable, most evil, most depraved man on the face of the earth, and I hate me! I hate me! I hate me!" some people will actually canonize him on the spot as a saint.
Friends, that's no saint.
That guy needs therapy quick. Quick.
He's sick. He's got low self-self worth and self-pity all over him.
Here's my belief. Unless you love yourself, you can't love anyone else.
This low self-worth trip spills over their financial life.
Because they believe they deserve rubbish, that's what they'll get. They'll remain poor because they believe that's their punishment for the sins they committed.
And worse, they'll be locked into that poverty because they believe God is pleased that they're suffering! And they look "down" at rich people as being materialistic and going to hell.
Let me assume you're a good, decent, normal parent. (You're not a psycho who eats your children when they rich seven years old.)
Do you want your children to suffer?
No. You suffer when they suffer. Much more than they do right?
God is no different.
When He sees us suffering in poverty, He weeps.
He wants the best for us.
That's why
I suspect that the god many people worship is psycho. Because their god takes delight in the fact that his kids suffer.
Let me shot this from the housetops: Poverty isn't His will 99.99 percent of His children. Who's the 0.01 percent? Religious celibates and missionaries called to that special life. The great scandal of the past 2,000 years is that this life of poverty for this special group of people comprising 0.01 percent has been imposed as the great model for the other 99.9 percent.
And what untold suffering this has caused!
Married lay people need another model.
And this is what this book is all about.

Do you practice the "I Hate Myself" spirituality?

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