Sword of Deliverance

The newly elected President of the republic of the Philippines Noynoy Aquino delivered his inaugural speech today. Very powerful words chosen to warn corrupt individuals and give hope to the people who have been denied of democracy, justice and prosperity.

Summing the goal of this new administration yields a threat to the president himself, a threat that have been witnessed from the administration of Former President Erap Estrada. Would President Aquino withstand to this political blowbacks?

As far as my personal experience is concern. I have witnessed how far corruption has mutilated this country and her constituents. Budgets for certain projects are cut down as one leader hands it to the other, transaction takes time if you don't have enough money, lives taken down for government position, etc....

To whatever path the president choose to take us. The time for war for freedom against corruption, war for democracy, war for justice, war for prosperity and war for peace is far from over.

If president Aquino is true to his words. I only hope for one thing, that he will never commit the same mistake as President Estrada had when he was at the pick of his campaign for peace in Mindanao and the whole of the Republic of the Philippines!

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