VAWT - Update on wind turbine

As per research, I have discovered these useful sites that might be of big help for those who are interested in making their own Vertical Axis Wind Turbine:

Windgenkits and Greenterrafirma, Windstuffnow

I found these two sites with handful of good designs and write-ups for your future VAWT. Thanks to the author of the sites for sharing their designs and ideas. More Power


Anonymous said...

Hi your wind project looks great and am very interested in your comments and stats you may already know this but I read somewhere that if you pour a mixture of carbon powder and fine iron fileings mixed with a quick setting resin like car body fillers and fill up the space in the middle of your coils this is supposed to greatly improve the efficiency of the generation. wind generator

Aerrox said...

I have read about that, but currently I am working on a prototype of the turbine. The driving motor section, instead of a wind turbine I am working on a design of a weight shifting turbine, if it works I may focus on it. :)