8 Secrets of the Truly Rich - Chapter 12

8 Secrets of the Truly Rich

By: Bo Sanchez
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Are You Sending Mixed Signals to God's Universe?

What you subconsciously want, you will get, And what you subconsciously do not want, you will avoid.
- Bo Sanchez

I've long learned that God's universe simply responds to what we want - clearly, repeatedly and passionately.
You can gain all the financial wisdom in the world, but unless you sort out your unconscious wrong beliefs about money or negative image of yourself in relation to money, you'll be sending up confused , muddled, incoherent messages to God's universe.
Let me tell you why.
Many people are trapped in poverty specifically because of their mixed-up, conflicting desires: On one hand, they want to get rich, pay their debts and be generous. On the other hand, in a very deep unconscious level, they don't want to get rich.
Because of their subconscious beliefs that money is bad, that rich people are evil, and that business is dirty, they'll actually avoid wealth. Some of these beliefs are distorted religious beliefs - but religious nonetheless. And religious beliefs are very, very deeply rooted within our spirit. They are part of our core identity. (We'll talk more about this in Secret #3.)
So how could these people ever prosper?
They're sending out mixed messages to themselves, to their bodies, to their emotions, to their jobs, to their bosses, to their customers and to the universe.
Contradicting desires create contradicting results.
Where there is no clarity of purpose, no great thing will be achieved.
So what do you really want?

Are you sending mixed signals to God's Universe

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