Bedini - Imhotep Fan Oscillator

I've been taking you from writing to reading and from pictures to travel. And recently a few backyard farming and currently going the the world of electronics. Ever since our consumption of electricity was going ever higher I've been researching for ways to reduce and one of my solution is the free solar energy. But since solar panels are expensive and hard to find in our area, while saving for the solar panels I am also looking for other alternatives of radiant energy like the perendriv motor and the Bedini motor.

Since bar magnets is hard to find in our area, the Bedini - Imhotep caught my interest and turned my "box" into a electronic laboratory.

So far I'm done with the first stage of gathering the parts and modifying this brush less fan motor.


Dorothy Rimson said...

Nice creativity.

albo said...

how is it going with the generator?

Aerrox said...

nahh, it was a failure! But still I am looking and imagining for new ideas to save electricity! ^^