Koreans - Racist

This post is not intended to put a direct accusation to the subject and as well as not my generalized opinion regarding the subject.

This post is focused on a Text Message forwarded by a unknown source and origin and is subject to criticism and investigation by both legal and independent bodies:


I saw these blogs in Twitter from KOREANS. I remember what one of the koreans said: "Have you heard the news? THE MONKEY ISLAND PHILIPPINES is flooded. I hope the rain will never stop TO DROWN those monkeys. All of them are laughing.

Another RETARD KOREAN said, "They will ALL DIE because monkey's can't swim!" Then LAUGHED.

If these discriminating words from these KOREANS are true, they do not deserve our hospitality and that her (Korea) people who seek refuge in our country who are accusing us of such lowly adjective, do not deserve to be treated as a respectable citizen of the human race. They are far more advance and progressive than us, BUT are morally deviated to the proposition that all men are created equal. They may have educational standards greater than us, but have less understanding of Philosophy and Morality. They do not belong to the human race, they have their world of their own together with the perfectionist and racist who believed that they are perfect figures of rotten flesh and crooked ideology!

If you are one of those who received such message, post your comment and links that will lead to the evidence that will prove this conversation does exist. If you are one of those who thinks that this is just a mere story from the graveyard and a fabricated lie, leave your defending words in human tongue!

We have feelings that monkey can't feel and simply understands such simple personification meant, and we do not deserve to be called as character from a fable!


r-yo said...

it will be similarly racist if we attribute the stupidity of one person to an entire race. From what i heard, even Koreans rose in anger against this girl.

Anonymous said...

k*ll th@m!

Aerrox said...

You are right sir Ryo, that is why I was very careful and choose the right words.