Crab's Mentality

Somebody who is use to be at the shop shared something to me regarding politics and something he read about the Filipinos, a book authored by Bob Ong. I cannot share a detailed information about such book since I don't have one.

But the lean of the meat is something undeniably true and has already been in our system and is currently eating us all alive. This is something not new or unfamiliar to anyone who have heard this accusation "Crab Mentality".

Something everyone must know, pulling somebody who is in the brim of success to overflow for others is a self betrayal! You know why? Anyone who gets into fame, prosperity or abundance is pulling somebody else from the deep river of poverty with them, and the worst part here is, it could be you who is pulling them back to graveyard!

Once a aspiring entrepreneur said, "I'm gonna put up a big business enough to give jobs for everyone who is jobless, whether educated, professional or the other way around". But did you know what happened? That dream did not came true and in fact more people lost jobs. It is because when this entrepreneur was almost at the top of making his dreams come to reality, somebody pulled his tails back down to where he was. At the beginning! The only good news here is, he never stopped to fulfill his dreams of helping his fellow Filipinos to land a job on their own country! Even those who pulled him and are pulling him back are welcome!

If you are one of those crabs who are dwelling under the clouds of doubts and jealousy, maybe you might want to start pushing yourself up by pushing others!

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