8 Secrets of the Truly Rich - Chapter 10

8 Secrets of the Truly Rich

By: Bo Sanchez

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Unless You see It in Your Mind,
It Won't Become Reality

It's time to start living the life you've imagined.
- Henry James

Deep with in you, you've programmed your life to operate ona particular level of income and total net worth. Because this is your psychological wallet or money-comfort zone, you can't see your self earning twice as much or becoming a millionaire. You simply can't. Something within you says, "Are you nuts? Me? Earn twice as much? Become a millionaire? Ha! I might as well imagine I'm Mc Donald Duck."
So you stay in your money comfort zone for the rest of your life.
It affects your love life too.
More likely, you'll subconsciously get attracted to marry someone who also has the same size as you psychological wallet. So both of you can comfortably live in that zone happily ever after.
Well, I've got news for you.
Do you know who set that dial of your inner financial thermostat?
You did.
So anytime you like, you too can enlarge your psychological wallet to any size you want. You can raise your money comfort zone.
How? Start with your imagination.
Imagine yourself earning double of what you're earning now by next year = through wise investing and some side business.
That's right. Double.
Get comfortable with that.
See yourself not spending it all, but actually saving it, learning how to invest it and seeing your money grow.
See yourself with a business on the side, aside from your fulltime job.
See yourself as an investor.

See yourself giving generously - writing large checks - addressed to Bo Sanchez for his projects for the poor and his media ministry. (As you can see, this book has ulterior motives.)
You've got tot see it in your mind.
Each week, Bro. Mike Velarde preaches to 300,000 people in the El Shaddai prayer meeting. THat figure boogles my mind. During their anniversary, a million people congregated at the Luneta Grandstand. I was the late Haime Cardinal Sin who asked him, "Bro. Mike, what do you have that I don't have? Why do these people come when you call them to come?"
One day, I had a three-hour chat with Bro. Mike Velarde to ask him why.
"The grace of God," he said over and over again.
I believe him. Last Christmas, he invited me to preach to his massive audience-and I saw it before my eyes. Three hundred thousand people. receiving grace!
And Bro. Mike does it by giving them hope. THat's why they keep coming back.
Bro. Mike asks them to raise their wallets for financial blessings-and 300,000 wallets go up.
He asks those who want to migrate to other countries to raise their passports-and thousands of green booklets are up in the air.
He makes them imagine their answered prayer. That the are healed. In a very simple way, he makes them set goals and aim for them by the power of their imagination, by the power of their faith.

Unless you see it in your mind, it won't become reality.

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