Noodle Soup of Poseidon

It's always like this everytime momma feels lazy to cook she either buy a ready to eat roasted pork meat or fish, or a ready to cook noodles!

And everytime my taste buds in the eyes doesn't like the taste, my culinary instincts are hammering my imagination for any uncooked foods in the refrigerator to turn into a piece of mouth watering dish.

And this time I just turned a ordinary ready to cook noodles into a Noodles Soup of Poseidon.... What's with the name? You may ask. Nothing, its just because one of the ingredient is a Sea Shrimp fished from the the refrigerator ^^.

And since one of my readers wanted to taste it. Here is the top secret patented how to.


Skinned and Diced Shrimp
Hard Boiled Eggs
Ready to cook noodles
Evaporated milk - Optional (You may add milk if you want it creamier)

Boil 2 and a half cups of water while you Saute Garlic then Onion. When garlic and Onion turned golden brown, add tomato with the shrimp including the heads and the noodles. When the noodles are soaked with the sauted spices add the boiling water and the hard boiled eggs cut into two pieces. Salt to taste and simmer. Serve while it is hot. Good with rice (Do not mix rice into it) or with bread. ^___^ Enjoy!

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