Nature Takes it Toll - Marikina - Philippines Flash Flood 09/26/09

I took this video from BBC News and I just thought It would be very much easier to disseminate the information about this video to my readers and visitors.

Marikina Raging Floods 1

This video is the most hurtful of all, people were like ants trap on floating debris on Marikina River, delivering them to the river of death. And this video has a story to tell:

It's a family of 5, 1 old man, 2 children at age 5-7, a mother and a father. The only current survivor, is the father crying out for help!

Marikina Raging Floods 2

Marikina Raging Floods 3

It is true that the situation of my fellowmen up to this point is pitiful, but we must also accept the fact that nature only returns what we sow. Generally this tragedy has been around and keeps on happening around the world. When will we ever learn! With The Global Warming on top of the list, we continue to neglect the factual effects that we are informed of. By destroying this planet we are committing a suicide and are criminals of our own kind! Expansion is not a solution, but conservation and preservation!

Furthermore this tragedy has also exposed political irresponsiveness and corruption brought about by insufficient ability of the authority to respond. Moreover the tragedy has also exposed NGO's and private sectors' ability to respond with the call for help and it is not surprising that more people trust to send their help through this organized group than sending it to the government. Imagine, more than 20 Million Pesos worth of cash and more than 20 Million Pesos worth of goods was produced by this concerned people! And the most spicy exposure, are pathetic robbers who are taking advantage of the situation while wearing a smiling face!

How about you? Will you still Cut those Trees? Will you repair those bridges? Will you still steal funds for the sewerage? Will you still throw your garbage anywhere? Will still neglect the teachings of nature preservation and conservation?

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