Yellowish Persuassion

In the era where Science and Religion is at its peak of argumentation, and that nationalism is no longer a question to what country you belong but a question addressed to human race.

History repeats itself while "herstory" is yet foretold! It all started with one man's dream, a dream that awakened the hearts of millions and shaken the fortress of kingdoms. A tremor that send a message to the nations of this planet, that we the Filipino people have the power to change a governance that doesn't fit our taste.

But apparently we have also shown the world how we have governed ourselves under a democrazy governance! Puting into waste the prescious deaths of our heroes from the time of Spaniards and hereon. The rise of the Aquino regime after the Martial Law was the sweetest part of the Democracy that we had, but as she was sent to her final resting place to be with her husband and the Maker, the Legacy that was brought about by her administration might be in grave with her as well.

I can still remember the last time I bought a candy at Aling Nena's sari-sari store, priced at 3pcs. for 1 centavo. My mom and her friends go to the market with only 5 Pesos on hand, or going downtown in standing position gives you a free ride! The best part is, going to your neighboor's backyard garden and ask for free vegetables and fruits! Sweet!

Historically, we have fought foreign oppressors for freedom, but sadly young soldiers of today are wasted for wad of bills in a attache case. We compete within ourselves instead of helping each other. We have grown more powerful than what we use to be, but have grown less intelligent too.

We are way too popular now due to some of our achievements. But all those achievements are just enough to define those who achieve it. As long as the Least Common Denominator is poverty, Laziness and stubborn, we have so much more to learn.

We must learn to define sacrifice under the pen of Rizal and not as a key for Superiority like a mindless beast. And that complexity will be defined simplicity, making it audible for a second grader security guard!

And after all those shameful pages of life and drudgery, we are rightful to be at pace with the human race! Are we?


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