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I am certain that web hosting has something to do with my blog and blogging activities. I have been posting reviews, adds and my personal thoughts and insights about the world that I live in. Politics, entertainment and lifestyle, broadcasting information around the world with the help of the internet.

With all those posting and coding experience, I still can't consider myself and my blog as a pro. No matter how much I keep my blog updated I just can't keep a good traffic, and sometimes leads to frustration and burn out and a long week of no updates, and the worst it even takes a month.

Probably, one reason that I can't keep a good rate of traffic is that I don't invest with web hosting. I should find time to consider studying web hosting practices and to look into the details that will help me get the desired traffic and visitors on my web.

If you consider yourself a newbie, count me in. And in this cyber world that is linked with reality, we will be able to stumble over unfamiliar terms and technicalities. And that by only educating ourselves with web hosting, we will be able to find solutions to such technicalities in the web with the help of web hosts.

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Shinade aka Jackie said...

There's only one true way to do it no matter who hosts your blog or site.

That is hour upon hour of visiting blog after blog, leave comments, get to know the people, participate in memes and link building adventures.

It takes a lot of hours and a lot of hard work but it can be done.

Good luck and I hope to see you drop by!!

Happy day,